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Magtech Magnetic Products Corp.
With the fast growing in business and in consideration of Magtech Affiliates Companies development in future, we ‘re pleased to announce that our company will be removing to new address ( 3F., No.168, Xinhu 3rd Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11494, Taiwan) stated below from November 21st, 2017, looking forward to your kind support and patronage continuously.

Flexible Permanent Magnets

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Plastic Magnet

»  Plastic Magnet (PM)

Physical Properties: Temp. Coeff.: - 0.19%/ degrees centigrade Curie Temp.: Density: 3.50~3.70 g/cm3 Anti-extend: 100~120 Mpa Shrinkage: 0.7~0.9% According to the material to be oriented or not. having 2 kinds of di...

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Anisotropic / Isotropic Flexible Rubber Magnet

»  Anisotropic / Isotropic Flexible Rubber Magnet (RM)

Physical Properties: Temp. Coeff. Of Br.: - 0.18%/ degrees centigrade Curie Temp.: * Isotropic Operation Temp.: - 5 ~ + 80 degrees centigrade Density: 3.60 ~ 4.00 g/cm3 Tensile strength: 20 ~ 100 Kg/cm3 Hardness: 50 ~...

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Rubber Magnets

»  Rubber Magnets

Rubber magnet is referred as a lightweight composite material that usually made of rubber and ferrite magnet powder or rare earth powder etc., compound with rubber, resin and other materials. Formed by extruding, in...

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Plastic Magnets

»  Plastic Magnets

The plastic magnets are molding materials which produced by injection mould process that they can be directly molded into other assembly components. Its main composition includes ferrite magnetic powder, plastic resin, r...

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