<![CDATA[Magtech Magnetic Products Corp.]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw Wed, 11 Aug 2021 17:54:02 +0800 3600 News update(2021/Jul/12 13:47:31) http://www.magtech.com.tw/supplier_news.html News update (2021/Jul/12 13:47:31) news Mon, 12 Jul 2021 13:47:31 +0800 Faq update(2011/Jun/24 10:38:05) http://www.magtech.com.tw/supplier_faq.html Faq update(2011/Jun/24 10:38:05) faq Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:38:05 +0800 <![CDATA[Super Strength NdFeB Permanent Magnets Sintered NdFeB Magnets (ND)(2021/Aug/11 17:59:44)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-20071018151324.html The NdFeB magnets, the most advanced permanent magnet, are made from Neodymium Iron Boron by sintered processing. This magnet has the highest energy products, so it is widely used in miniature products and automatical components. Normally, NdFeB magnets are to be coated with Nickle, Zinc, Epoxy etc. or just anti-rusty treatment to protect its appearance for corrosion resistance. For the time being, the NdFeB magnets are most popular one in magnetic materials, we forecast that this advanced material may last 15 years in the days to come continuously.


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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 17:59:44 +0800
<![CDATA[Super Strength NdFeB Permanent Magnets Bonded NdFeB Magnets - Neodymium Magnets (MQ)(2021/Aug/11 18:04:33)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-2007102110593.html The NdFeB magnets are the permanent magnets made of an alloy including Neodymium, Iron and Boron with chemical composition of Nd2Fe14B. It is mixing the ferrite powder and rare earth metal powder with resin, and is formed by either mold compression or injection. Due to without magnetic field while compression, so the NdFeB magnet is available to be formed into a wide range of shapes. However, tooling is always needed, mo matter what the production way be taken.

In addition, when taking compression, the dimension can be controlled in a very precise level, which makes the engineers easily to device a light and miniature hi-performance product. Besides, this magnet normally be coated with epoxy or others appearance treatments which makes the product anti-corrosion. The bonded NdFeB magnets are one kind of Isotropic magnet, which can be magnetized with axially or radially respectively.

Magtech is a specialized manufacturer of NdFeB Magnets and other permanent magnets with various surface treatment methods including Zine, Nickel, Tin, Silver, Phosphor and Spray Epoxy Resin, etc. Our magnetic products along with high quality value and competitive price are commercially utilized in a variety of applications in different industrial fields. For more details, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.


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<![CDATA[Super Strength NdFeB Permanent Magnets Magnet retail ()(2018/Mar/20 15:56:27)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Magnet-retail.html Founded in 1992, Magtech Magnetic Products have rich experiences of magnet retail sales nationwide and worldwide. We have full array of magnetic products in stock and wide selection of sizes available. The main products include power magnets, rubber magnets, ferrite magnets, Bio magnets, plastic magnets, NdFeb magnets, and more. Our magnet retail markets from America, Australia, and Africa to Asia and expect to expand our business across the world.

As a top notch magnet retailer and manufacturer in the magnets field, our company has certified to ISO-9001:2008 standard that our customers can be guaranteed for the strict quality control and the best results. Our products adopt energy saving and maintenance free which can save the fuel oil, gas and energy, mainly applied for vehicle, Diesel, LPG, boiler, vessel, refrigerator, air conditioning system and so on.

We carry anion magnets, NdFeb magnets, flexible rubber magnets, ferrite magnets, SmCo, magnetic health care products, and also offer customized magnet retails to meet your own personalized or commercial needs. We are welcome everyone to patronize our products and we will provide you the best services. We are looking forward to hearing your requests and will be glad to discuss with your requirements.

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<![CDATA[Ferrite Permanent Magnets Anisotropic Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting) (CT)(2021/Aug/11 18:01:25)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/01-1.html The main material of the Cutting Magnet is the strontium ferrite magnet, that is made by wet press. Basically, the density in wet press is better than dry press, so the cutting magnets can achieve a good performance even just a small dimension. The largest of block size for cutting magnet is L220 x W150 x 25.4mmT, and most common one is L152 x W100 x 25.4mmT (6" x 4" x 1").
At present, the smallest size that we are able to make it is L2 x W2 x 0.8mmT.


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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:01:25 +0800
<![CDATA[Ferrite Permanent Magnets Ferrite Magnets (Made by mold) (FE-1,FE-2)(2021/Aug/11 18:02:00)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/01-2.html (2021/Aug/11 18:02:00)]]> Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:02:00 +0800 <![CDATA[Ferrite Permanent Magnets Ferrite Magnets ()(2021/Aug/11 18:00:57)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Ferrite-Magnets.html The ferrite magnets standing for ceramic magnets feature the good resistance to demagnetization and have good corrosion resistance. This class of permanent magnet is hard and brittle so as not to be exposed to high compressive forces. The hard ferrite magnets have high coercivity, meaning that the materials are hard to become demagnetized. Literally, it doesn’t demagnetize and be rust easily.

The ferrite magnets including “Isotropic” and “Anisotropic” are sintered magnet with either by dry pressed or wet pressed. Tooling is always needed when pressed. The key advantage of ceramic magnets is that it can be magnetized with multiple poles if necessary. That is to say, the magnetization can be done by axially, radially, multi-poles axially, and multi-poles on circumference etc.

Due to the low cost, medium power and productivity by mass production, the ferrite magnets are widely used in various industries for many different applications like refrigerator magnets, loudspeakers and small electric motors. They are considered as the most popular one in magnetic materials for past about 30 years. And we are the reliable supplier to offer you high performance products that you can benefit from.




  • Micro Motors
  • Adjustment of DY Core
  • Dynamos
  • Health Therapy
  • Convertible Motors
  • Audio Speakers
  • Linearity Coil Sensitivity
  • Door Catches
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Education Application
  • Water Pump
  • Magnetic Instrument
  • Auto Parts
  • Button Parts
  • Clock Parts
  • Magnetic Coupling
  • Magnetic Holders
  • Sensors
  • Bell & Buzzer
  • Others
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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:00:57 +0800
<![CDATA[Flexible Permanent Magnets Anisotropic / Isotropic Flexible Rubber Magnet (RM)(2021/Aug/11 18:02:39)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/02.html Rubber magnet is referred as a lightweight composite material that usually made of rubber and ferrite magnet powder or rare earth powder etc., compound with rubber, resin and other materials. Formed by extruding, injecting or calendaring, the rubber magnets have different shapes such as strip, sheet, or roll. This kind of magnets can be made with any shapes by pressing or cutting and can be coiled to 1/4'' radius without breaking due to its character of plasticity and flexibility.


There are two different kinds of magnets in flexible rubber magnet: ''Isotropic'' and ''Anisotropic''. The Isotropic rubber magnet normally is to be magnetized with multi-poles magnetization on one side only and the Anisotropic one has magnetic on both sides. It also can be laminated by colorful P.V.C., adhesive tape or colorful printing. The attractive face is treated with UV coating which can project the products surface based on customer's demand.


As a leading manufacturer of magnets in magnetic market, Magtech specializes in providing different kinds of magnetic products for our worldwide customers. We also can supply ''Magnetic Paper'' for A4 size, which made from rubber magnets and laser paper. The thickness just has 0.3mm which can be printed by any printing machine. If you have any other requires, please visit our website www.magtech.com.tw and contact us right away.




  • Magnetic Holder
  • Motor or Machine Parts
  • Educational Items
  • Door Catcher
  • Sign Holder
  • White Board or Drawing Board
  • Advertising Promotion Items
  • Memo Holder
  • Electronic Components
  • Gift or Stationary Items
  • Phone Index
  • Others
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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:02:39 +0800
<![CDATA[SmCo Permanent Magnets SmCo Magnets (SM)(2021/Aug/11 18:03:56)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-20071021114438.html The SmCo magnets are the rare earth magnets which are mainly made from Samarium and Cobalt alloy. Being the strong permanent magnets, they are renowned for the first commercialized magnets. Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets are more expensive than other class of magnets, but they have higher coercive force and higher Curie temperature that can be widely applied at high temperature.

The SmCo magnets are one kind of powerful magnets which are brittle and hard to machine. With the high performance in both flux density and energy product, the Samarium Cobalt magnets are used for many hi-technology products. Meanwhile the high corrosion resistance and stable magnetic properties are also two features of this magnet. However, due to high cost of raw material, some of them were replaced by sintered NdFeB magnets at the moment.

Megtech Magnetic Products are available in different grades and various materials of magnets that utilized for different industrial applications. From NdFeB magnets, Ferrite Magnets, Rubber Magnets to SmCo magnets are cost-effective and high quality that you can rely on. To learn more about our product line or detailed specifications, please browse at our site or get in touch with us directly.


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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:03:56 +0800
<![CDATA[Alnico Metal Permanent Magnets Alnico Magnets (AL)(2021/Aug/11 18:03:20)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/04.html The Alnico Magnet contains the elements of Aluminum, Cobalt, Nickle Alloy etc, which can be made either by casting or sintering process. As having the features of both hardness and high working temperature parameters, they are widely used in many different applications with a wide range of magnetic properties. Meantime, an excellent corrosion resistance is also one of its features. However, the most disadvantageous point for this material is in low value of coercive force, which be possible to decrease the magnetic power during in use subject to using environment, we suggest you do discuss with us when ordering.


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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:03:20 +0800
<![CDATA[Plastic Magnets Plastic Magnet (PM)(2021/Aug/11 18:05:08)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-201011310457.html The plastic magnets are molding materials which produced by injection mould process that they can be directly molded into other assembly components. Its main composition includes ferrite magnetic powder, plastic resin, rare earth metal powder, and other subordinate materials. Furthermore, the plastic magnets are the first magnetic polymer that can fully function at the room temperature so as to benefit commercial usages.

These plastic magnets from Magtech Magnetic Products Corp. are classified as non-metallic one which was created by researchers at the University of Durham leading to a new gate of magnetic materials applications. During injection process, the powder is oriented by magnetic field, we call this material is anisotropic magnet; on the contrary, we call it as isotropic magnet.

The magnetic power of plastic magnet is between isotropic ferrite and anisotropic ferrite. However, they have a high precise dimension yet durable. Having stable state in the air and high density, these magnets can used for several applications such as computer hardware, medical devices, etc. If you are in the need of practical magnetic products, view at our website at www.magtech.com.tw/ or get in touch with us soon.


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<![CDATA[Anion Permanent Magnets Anion Permanent Magnets (AM)(2021/Mar/8 16:26:34)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-201011311438.html Taking more than 2 years on research and development, we finally successfully got the patent of Minus Ion Magnet for 20 years from now on from government. The main material of this product is ferrite powder, which compound with purity minus-ion powder, and finish with a complex processing of manufacturing. Surface's magnetic strength is around 100~1000 Gauss. We are exporting the same to Japan for making health products since invented, and we believe that this products be step by step using on magnetic health product, not only in Taiwan domestic market, but also in worldwide.
At the moment, we use this products in our own products like support belt, insoles, sports wrap set etc.

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Mon, 8 Mar 2021 16:26:34 +0800
<![CDATA[Bio Magnets Bio Magnets (BM)(2021/Mar/8 16:26:13)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/06.html Bio magnet is a natural therapy of healing pain without drugs and helping enhance circulation and reduce swelling of human body by using the energy of magnetic fields. The bio magnetic treatment is a helpful approach for your pain relief with no side-effects thus you don’t need to worry about using it for a long time. As a reliable supplier of magnetic healthcare products, we are grateful to provide all of our knowledge as you need.

Every living body exists within a magnetic field and a force, which have been proved by clinical experiments as well as modern medical science. The magnetic force of bio magnets improves blood circulation, increase blood oxygen and metabolism, release stiff neck, stiff back, still shoulder and muscle tension. Also, it helps reduce mental pressure and fatigue. Anyway, they will not only ornament your appearance but also adjust the static electricity of your body.

Bio magnets are developed based on the theories of a great ancient Chinese medical invention - Acupuncture. They are ideally used for various applications such as NMR, diagnostic imaging, magnetic mattress, cushion, insoles, wraps, support belt, plaster, bracelet, necklace & ear clips...etc. If you get interested in our magnetic healthcare products, please feel free to see more details at www.magtech.com.tw/ and call us ASAP.



  • Ear Clips
  • Pillow
  • Wrap Set
  • Acupuncture Bar
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Body cushion
  • Support Belts
  • Hand Ring
  • Mattress
  • Insoles
  • Magnetic Plaster
  • Necklace
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonate Imaging)
  • CT (Computed Tomography)
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Mon, 8 Mar 2021 16:26:13 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Holder Magnetic Holder (MH)(2021/Aug/11 18:07:00)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-2002102123454.html By using iron cap, iron plate, iron yoke with the magnets, which be getting more loading power, will up to several kilograms. The magnets material can be used by Ferrite . NdFeB. Alnico or Rubber etc. Besides, the products surface also can be plated by Ni. Zn. Chrome or Black plating for customer require. The Magnetic Applications and Magnetic Holders are widely used for DIY Parts, Hardware, Auto Parts, Machinery, IC, IT, Chemical, Filter, Dry Industry. ...etc.


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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:07:00 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Application Tools Magnetic Holder & Applications (MA)(2021/Aug/11 18:06:28)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-2002102144142.html The power magnets have force field with permanent magnetism and attractive magnetic power that can be getting more loading power, even up to several kilograms by using iron cap, iron plate, iron yoke with the magnets. The power magnets offered by Magtech, a specialized manufacturer of rare earth magnetic products including NdFeB magnets, ferrite magnets, and plastic magnets, etc made of different materials.

Some of our power magnets are super strength magnetic power; you may take care of it. Please pay attention to some warning words on each product. For instance, avoid attracting each other, because it is difficult to separate them during attracting together. Avoid failing down on ground or hitting by any hard goods. Further, keep far from your credit cards, electronic equipment etc.

The materials of power magnets can be used by ferrite, NdFeB, alnico or rubber etc. Besides, the products surface has several option of Ni Zn plating, chrome or black plating for customers to choose from. The magnetic applications and magnetic holders are broadly used for DIY parts, hardware, auto parts, machinery, IC, IT, chemical, filter, dry industry and more other industries.


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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 18:06:28 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Application Tools Magnetic Roller(Small type) (MR-70/100)(2011/Jun/24 10:38:05)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-2010118134343.html Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:38:05 +0800 <![CDATA[Magnetic Application Tools Magnetic Roller(Medium type) (MR-120/150)(2018/Mar/23 18:05:27)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-201011813561.html Application:Conveyor, Separators, Transportation, Filter etc.

(2018/Mar/23 18:05:27)]]>
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 18:05:27 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Application Tools Magnetic Roller(Extra type) (MR-265)(2011/Jun/24 10:38:05)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-2010118141721.html Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:38:05 +0800 <![CDATA[Magnetic Application Tools Magnetic Roller(Half-sphere sharpe) (MR-650S)(2011/Jun/24 10:38:05)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-2010118142815.html Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:38:05 +0800 <![CDATA[Magnetic Parts Magnetic Bead (LT-Bead)(2013/Oct/14 17:38:35)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Magnetic-Bead.html There are including magnetic parts, beads & clasp etc.
Material: Bio Ferrite Magnet & Bio Rare Earth Magnet.
Usage: Magnetic Jewelry, Plaster, Support Belt, Insoles, Mattress, Pillow, Wraps, Support Belt, Men's Auto Belt, Magnetic Acupuncture Bar etc. 
Magnetic beads could be plating with Gold, Nickle, Pearl in White, Hematite and Grey colors etc. Or w/polishing finished. 
Magnetic parts could be plating with Gold, Nickle or painting, epoxy etc. surface treatment. Or w/polishing finished.(2013/Oct/14 17:38:35)]]>
Mon, 14 Oct 2013 17:38:35 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Parts Magnetic Bracelet (MT,PT)(2018/Mar/23 17:59:02)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/07.html * Magnetic health jewelries is developed based on the theories of a great ancient Chinese medical invention—Acupuncture. Every living body exists within a magnetic field. The medical applications of magnetic force have been proved by clinical experiments as well as modern medical science.
* Our products not only ornament your appearance but also adjust the human body static electricity and magnetic field. Besides, magnetic force improves blood circulation, increase blood oxygen and metabolism, release stiff neck, stiff back, stiff shoulder and muscle tension. Also, it helps reduce mental pressure and fatigue. Magnetic force will make you feel more comfortable.
For more products viewing, Please visit with our branch office's web site at http://www.leaptong.com

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Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:59:02 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product Magnetic Plaster (MT-P1、P2、P3,MT-N1、N2,LT-E1,MT-H1、H2)(2021/Mar/8 16:31:39)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/08.html Magnetic plaster was made of cotton patches together with Bio Magnets.

(2021/Mar/8 16:31:39)]]>
Mon, 8 Mar 2021 16:31:39 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product The Magnetic Tool for Acupuncture (MT-AC1, MT-AC2, MT-AC3, MT-AC4)(2021/Apr/22 11:50:19)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-2002101171129.html The Magnetic Tool for Acupuncture was made of Bio Rare Earth Magnet and Stainless Steel body. The N pole and S pole are located at both end with same gauss.

(2021/Apr/22 11:50:19)]]>
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:50:19 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product Magnetic Neoprene Wrap Set (MT-WP2)(2021/Apr/22 11:35:31)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/11.html The strong support of Neoprene fabric combined with Bio Magnets could be protected the body and reduced the hurt when exercised.

(2021/Apr/22 11:35:31)]]>
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:35:31 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product Magnetic Insoles (MT-IS3, MT-IS6, MT-IS7, MT-IS8, MT-IS10B, MT-IS13A, MT-IS13B, MT-IS15, MT-IS16, MT-IS17, MT-IS18, MT-IS19, MT-IS25)(2021/Apr/22 12:24:37)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/12.html Magnetic Insoles includes material of PVC, PU, EVA and Flexiable Rubber Magnetic sheet.

(2021/Apr/22 12:24:37)]]>
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 12:24:37 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product Magnetic w/Far Infrared Rays Support Belt (MT-SP1-32 , 42 , 58)(2021/Apr/22 11:48:45)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/09.html Magnetic w/Far Infrared Rays Support Belt

(2021/Apr/22 11:48:45)]]>
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:48:45 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product Magnetic Men's Auto Belt (MT-BL3)(2021/Apr/22 11:36:25)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/10.html Magnetic Men's Auto Belt was made of Synthetic Leather and Bio Rare Earth Magnets.
There's auto function be easier to wear the belt for user.

(2021/Apr/22 11:36:25)]]>
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:36:25 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product Magnetic Ball (MT-BA)(2021/Apr/22 11:37:08)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/p01.html Magnetic Ball was made of Bio Ferrite Magnets and Plastic body. Could massage the hands, Arms etc. when exercised.

(2021/Apr/22 11:37:08)]]>
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:37:08 +0800
<![CDATA[Magnetic Health Care Product Magnetic Pillow, Cushion, Mattress (23)(2021/Apr/22 11:39:53)]]> http://www.magtech.com.tw/Product-20021022162331.html Magnetic pillow, cushion, mattress were made by Bio Magnets to make your whole body healthy.

(2021/Apr/22 11:39:53)]]>
Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:39:53 +0800