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Anion Permanent Magnets

Anion Permanent Magnets

Minus-Ion Magnets

Product ID: AM

Taking more than 2 years on research and development, we finally successfully got the patent of Minus Ion Magnet for 20 years from now on from government. The main material of this product is ferrite powder, which compound with purity minus-ion powder, and finish with a complex processing of manufacturing. Surface's magnetic strength is around 100~1000 Gauss. We are exporting the same to Japan for making health products since invented, and we believe that this products be step by step using on magnetic health product, not only in Taiwan domestic market, but also in worldwide.
At the moment, we use this products in our own products like support belt, insoles, sports wrap set etc.

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  • The value of minus-ion & magnetic powder:
    • A. Taking 5.2 x 2.5 mmT as a sample, the content of minus-ion are 850/cm3, magnetic strength are 650 Gauss.
    • B. Taking 15 x 4.5 mmT as a sample, the content of minus-ion are 1200/cm3, magnetic strength are 800 Gauss.
    • C. Taking 30 x 5 mmT as a sample, the content of minus-ion are 1500/cm3, magnetic strength are 650 Gauss.
  • Surface treatment:
    • Gold coating
    • Polishing treatment
    • Color Painting
    • Nickel coating
    • Zinc coating
    • Nickel-free coating
    • Others (be discussed)
  • Application:
    • Support Belts
    • Insoles
    • Health Care Products
    • Accessories
    • Mattress
    • Sport Wrap Set
    • Plaster for Pain Relief
    • Therapy Piece
    • Pillow & Body Cushion
  • Features:
    • Two effects
    • Mass production available
    • Small size possible
    • Lower price
    • Easy magnetization
    • Long life or Ion value
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product
  • FOB: Keelung , Taiwan