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Plastic Magnet

Plastic Magnet

Plastic Magnets

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The plastic magnets are molding materials which produced by injection mould process that they can be directly molded into other assembly components. Its main composition includes ferrite magnetic powder, plastic resin, rare earth metal powder, and other subordinate materials. Furthermore, the plastic magnets are the first magnetic polymer that can fully function at the room temperature so as to benefit commercial usages.

These plastic magnets from Magtech Magnetic Products Corp. are classified as non-metallic one which was created by researchers at the University of Durham leading to a new gate of magnetic materials applications. During injection process, the powder is oriented by magnetic field, we call this material is anisotropic magnet; on the contrary, we call it as isotropic magnet.

The magnetic power of plastic magnet is between isotropic ferrite and anisotropic ferrite. However, they have a high precise dimension yet durable. Having stable state in the air and high density, these magnets can used for several applications such as computer hardware, medical devices, etc. If you are in the need of practical magnetic products, view at our website at or get in touch with us soon.


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  • Physical Properties:
    • Temp. Coeff.: - 0.19%/ degrees centigrade
    • Curie Temp.: < 350 degrees centigrade
    • Density: 3.50~3.70 g/cm3
    • Anti-extend: 100~120 Mpa
    • Shrinkage: 0.7~0.9%
  • According to the material to be oriented or not. having 2 kinds of different plastic magnet:
    • A. Ferrite series of plastic magnet
    • B. SmCo series of plastic magnet
    • C. NdFeB series of plastic magnet
  • Application:
    • Micro Motors
    • Brushless Motors
    • Bell & Buzzer
    • Meters
    • Magnetic rod (for printer)
    • Headphone
    • Stepping-Motors
    • Healthcare Products
    • De-coder
    • Sensors
    • Machine Packing
    • Package machine
    • Chuck
    • Others


  • Precision tolerance
  • Super thin available
  • All type are available
  • Not easy broken
  • Easy magnetization
  • Slight
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Case by Case
  • FOB: Negotiable