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Good news! We have established a show room in Mumbai, India to expend our service. Should you have any inquiries with regards to Magnets or Magnetic Applications, please contact us today! Contact person: Mr. Nikitesh Puro (TEL: 91-22-22163074).     Welcome to visit our website for any kind of Magnets, Anion Magnets, Bio Magnets, Magnetic Holder & Application tools, Magnetic Jewelry & Health Care Products etc. Please feel free to contact us for the best offer today.
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Congratulations! We have certified to the ISO-9001:2008 standard.

Our company has certified to ISO-9001:2008 standard. We are welcome everyone to patronize our products and we would provide you the best service.

The business hours would adjust from 2014/5/1. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The business hours of division in our company would adjust to AM8:30~PM5:30(PM12:30~PM1:30 for the lunch break) from 2014/5/1. Please pardon for the inconvenience.

Professional retail sale website of Magnetizm Shopping Mall Taiwan has updated the revision.

To celebrate the updating revision of Retail sale website of Magnetizm Shopping Mall Taiwan. The one who has joined the member of Magnetizm Shopping Mall Taiwan would have preferential half price of the freight.

Magnetizm Shopping Mall Taiwan of MAGTECH MAGNETIC PRODUCTS CORP. is on sale.

Magnetizm Shopping Mall Taiwan: A professional retail sale website which is founded by MAGTECH MAGNETIC PRODUCTS CORP., selling for Permanent Magnet, Magnetic Application/ tool, Anion Magnet and Magnetic Health Care Products. Please refer to our website.

High Power of Magnetic Converters.

The High Power of Magnetic Converters is a new technical product which can save the fuel oil, gas and energy; using for vehicle, Diesel, LPG, boiler, vessel, refrigerator, air conditioning system and so on. It is easy installed, no power consumption, no maintenance and reusable forever. 

  • Increased horsepower and fuel mileage. 
  • Reduce exhaust emissions of HC & CO released to atmosphere during incomplete burning process.
  • Engine runs quiet, smooth and cooler with more power.
  • Enhance performance, quicker starts and faster and running.
  • Healthier environment and safe during application for engine, car, electronics and gas etc.
  • Increasing the combustion rate and reduce the wastage.
  • Restrain and decrease the form of dirt, protect the pipe from rustiness and extend the using years.

New product- High Power of Oil Filter for Vehicles is on sales.

This product is a new technical design, uses the strongest magnet to attract to the bottom of oil filter, to achieved the effect of oil pertification in all vehicles. The Oil Filter would keep the engine oil clean and lubricated, make the engine under the lower working temperature and extend the using years. It is cheap for everyone and reusable forever.

Magnetic Health Care Products-Anion Magnet is on sales.

We would manufacture the size and the shape from the customer’s demand according to the certain ratio of minus-ion powder and ferrite powder. The main purpose of this kind of magnet is to reduce the forming of the pain and promote the blood circulation. This is use for the body care products such as Magnetic Plaster, Magnetic F.I.R. Anion Support Belt and Anion Energy Sport Rubber Necklace & Bracelet and so on.

The material of code ND-52 is going to make the mass production.

In the material of NdFeB magnet, Code ND-52 has the highest Br which reaches to 14,800 k Gauss. It is estimated that the ND-52 will go into stable mass production in the near future. When the time comes, it would enhance the advantage of magnetic performance.

Magnetic Health Care Products- F.I.R. Anion magnet is coming soon.

Since the magnets were applied to more and more magnetic health care cases, some customers has asked why not mix the F.I.R powder with ferrite powder and make the forming. Therefore, it would manufacture the magnet with F.I.R effect. Our company has been constantly developing in the recent years, expected that the magnet is able to develop into mass production in this year.