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Magtech Magnetic Products Corp.
With the fast growing in business and in consideration of Magtech Affiliates Companies development in future, we ‘re pleased to announce that our company will be removing to new address ( 3F., No.168, Xinhu 3rd Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11494, Taiwan) stated below from November 21st, 2017, looking forward to your kind support and patronage continuously.
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Year Event
1992.2 Magtech was established, mainly dealing in Ferrite Magnet.
1994.10 Office in Kang Ning Rd. was bought.
1995.4 Added new products of the Rubber and Alnico magnets.
1996.1 Expand business scope to Health Magnetics.
1996.5 Bought new cutting machine for Cutting Magnets.
1997.1 New plant was established in Tam-Shui, around 6000 ㎡.
1997.2 Added new products of Magnetic Accessories.
1997.5 Added new products of Healthcare products like Support Belts, Wrap Sets and Insoles etc.
1999.7 Added new products of Bonded NdFeB Magnets.
1999.10 Added new products of Sintered NeFeB Magnets.
2000.5 Mass production for NdFeB Materials.
2001.1 Invented for Magnetic Separator.
2001.10 Added new products of Magnetic Roller.
2002.10 Presented of Magnetic Bar, Acupuncture Needle, Magnetic Water Treatment Bar…etc.
2003.2 Expended the plant in Tam-Shui to 7300 ㎡ total.
2003.5 Presented the Reform of Magnetic Acupuncture Bar.
2004.2 R&D on Minus Ion Magnets. (Anion Magnets.)
2005.1 Applying patent for Minus Ion Magnets. (Anion Magnets.)
2005.5 New Model Patent NO. M272524 for Magnetic Tool.
2005.10 New Model Patent No. M288576 for Oil-Filter.
2006.3 Magnetic Separator was developed successfully.
2006.4 R&D on the material of Germanium.
2006.10 Invented of Far Infrared Magnet.
2006.12 New Products of Magnetic Bar up to 12,000 Gauss more.
2007.1 Latest OEM Massage Bar was developed successfully.
2007.2 High Speed Magnetic roller to Toyota care factory was invented.
2007.5 Presented of New Products of Magnetic Acupuncture Bar with electrotherapy set.
2007.6 Create Patent No. I283417 for Minus Ion Magnets. (Anion Magnets.)
2008.3 Taichung branch was opened.
2008.10 Song Jiang exhibition Center was opened.
2009.8 Supply the fixing service and consultation for any kinds of magnetic Motor.
2010.10 Co-operated with the foundation of Yuan T. Lee Science Education for All.
2010.11 Started domestic retail network service.
2013.7 New Model Patent No. M457453 for Energy Magnets’ structure.
2013.12 New Model Patent No. M466655 for Rolling Massage Bar with multi-energy.
2014.6 Magtech Affiliated companies got the ISO 9001:2008 certified.
2015.3 Started retail network service for foreign customer, named “Magnetism shopping mall Taiwan”. Web site:
2016.6 Develop the Far Infrared Ray Magnet, and get the Inspection Report with concerned department.
2016.8 Cooperate with TAITRA and establish India contacting office.
2017.4 Cooperate with TAITRA and establish Indonesia contacting office.
2017.6 Magtech Affiliated companies certified by ISO 9001: 2015
2017.8 Establish Japan contacting office.
2017.11 Head office and exhibition center moved together into new address.
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Philip C. L. Chen
*Nei-Hu HeadOffice*

Managing Director:Mr. Philip C.L. Chen

Vice M. Director:Ms. Fanny Hsu

Chief of Exporting Dept.:Ms. ViVi Tsai

Exporting Coordinator:Ms. Candy Tang

Address:3F., No.168, Xinhu 3rd Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan