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Magtech Magnetic Products Corp.
With the fast growing in business and in consideration of Magtech Affiliates Companies development in future, we ‘re pleased to announce that our company will be removing to new address ( 3F., No.168, Xinhu 3rd Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11494, Taiwan) stated below from November 21st, 2017, looking forward to your kind support and patronage continuously.

Sintered NdFeB Magnets

Sintered NdFeB Magnets

Sintered NdFeB Magnets

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The NdFeB magnets, the most advanced permanent magnet, are made from Neodymium Iron Boron by sintered processing. This magnet has the highest energy products, so it is widely used in miniature products and automatical components. Normally, NdFeB magnets are to be coated with Nickle, Zinc, Epoxy etc. or just anti-rusty treatment to protect its appearance for corrosion resistance. For the time being, the NdFeB magnets are most popular one in magnetic materials, we forecast that this advanced material may last 15 years in the days to come continuously.

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  • Physical Properties:
    • Curie Temp.: 350 degrees centigrade
    • Hardness: 560 ~ 580 HV
    • Density: 7.30 ~ 7.60 g/cm3
    • Temp. Coeff.: - 0..12 ~ - 0.10 % / degrees centigrade
    • Recoil Permeability: 1.05 M rec
  • Surface treatment:
    • Non-coating
    • Anti-rusty treatment
    • Zn-coating
    • Ni-coating
    • Ni-Cu-Ni coating
    • Gold & Silver coating
    • Tin & Chromium coating
    • Epoxy coating
    • Others (be discussed)
  • Application:
    • Magnetic Tool
    • Lifting Tools
    • Watch Parts
    • Pump
    • Rodless Cylinder
    • Demagnetizer
    • Healthy Therapy
    • Magnetic Brake
    • Switches Sensor
    • Sputter components
    • Audio Speaker
    • Others
  • Features:
    • No tooling charges required
    • Super strength
    • Super thin available
    • Small quantity available
    • Clean surface
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Keelung , Taiwan
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Philip C. L. Chen
*Nei-Hu HeadOffice*

Managing Director:Mr. Philip C.L. Chen

Vice M. Director:Ms. Fanny Hsu

Chief of Exporting Dept.:Ms. ViVi Tsai

Exporting Coordinator:Ms. Candy Tang

Address:3F., No.168, Xinhu 3rd Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan